Programme Director
What do you do? I look after the overall delivery of Creative Black Country. There are so many strands to it, e.g. Groundworks and Open Access programme, and so I pull it all together!
I am passionate about developing audiences and connecting people to the arts, my previous role focused on widening audiences and visitors  for the National Trust, I loved seeing people’s reaction when they experienced something new for the first time.

What do you do? I work closely with our Creative Producers and partner organisations to develop people’s ideas and ambition to make the Black Country an even more creative place.
I look for interesting meeting points and collaborations between sectors e.g. arts, business, media, to help increase creative opportunities in the area. I love this role, it combines the skills from my previous life with ACE, BBC and working with independent arts organisations and artists.

LIAM SMYTH Creative Producer
What do you do? I help devise, produce and manage the creative programme. I liaise with individuals, groups and organisations to promote and enrich arts activity in the Black Country.  After studying illustration at university I trained as an architectural draftsman.
However, I became more interested in facilitating the creativity of others. I soon began working as a community artist in the Midlands and in arts education; with roles in various leading art galleries across the UK and in Portugal.

KERRY O’COY Marketing & Content Manager
What do you do? I work across the programme looking after everything from our social media channels to print, PR & marketing, updating the website and telling the rest of the Black Country and UK (and sometimes the world) about our brilliant projects and events.
The role is a wonderful mix that continually changes depending on the project and brings together my skills in publishing and PR perfectly.

ROSALIND ARGO Project Administrator
What do you do? My role ranges from Finance & Reports to Supervising Volunteers, Live Events and lots in between!
I am the administrator for the entire project and so work with all of the team, coordinators and the Groundworks and Open Access Groups.

LIBBY MAHONEY Small Groups Development Officer
What do you do? My role as part of CBC is to provide practical support, information and advice to small groups based in Sandwell in an array of topics i.e. setting up a new group, funding, project planning and  much more. The support given to individual organisations is tailored to meet their organisational needs, to ensure that the service they receive from SCVO/CBC meets their requirements and not any predetermined assumptions on what we think the organisation may need to assist in their sustainability moving forward.

JEREMY BROWN Arts Coordinator
What do you do? I have lived and worked in Wolverhampton since 1980 initially as an actor /teacher in Theatre in Education, then moving into video and TV production. I was a visiting lecturer in drama and media at the University of Wolverhampton and was a Creative Agent working with secondary schools to develop the acclaimed Creative Partnerships programme in the Black Country, this included the award winning Safe Night Out in Wolverhampton. I continue to work with local schools delivering a range of enrichment and school improvement activities and current projects include developing a film as part of the local Prevent programme tackling extremism, supporting a network of dance teachers to raise attainment through collaborative working and helping five of the Groundwork groups shape plans for Arts activity with Creative Black Country.

YINKA DANMOLE Arts Coordinator
What do you do? I work with four Groundwork groups across the black country to introduce them and members of their communities to new and exciting opportunities for engagement in Arts and Culture. After graduating from my studies in Architectural design, I went on to develop independent initiatives which looked at re-purposing space and resulted in me creating an open Creative Hub in the middle of a commercial city centre environment. My recent project work has also led to me developing a keen interest in digital and futuristic practices.

HANNAH GRAHAM Arts Coordinator
What do you do? I make stuff and when I’m not doing that I help make stuff happen. I’m interested in the fusion of the unassociated in the arts, the inclusion of the everyman and the possibility of reinvention. I’m particularly interested in stories and how we share them collectively as evolving communities. My practice is fluid, grounded in collaboration projects and solo adventures. When working with community groups I’m looking to enhance the dynamic existing already amongst them, establishing exciting artists to explore ways in artistically and advocating for brave and fresh ideas to be born.

JENNY SMITH Arts Coordinator
What do you do? I work with local groups to help them realise their creative ambitions, giving them support in finding artists, funding and creative things to see and do. I also give them advice and guidance on project and event management. I am a freelance Creative Producer and Project Manager, so I also work on a range of other projects with arts organisations across Birmingham and the Black Country. I am currently working with Birmingham Hippodrome, BE FESTIVAL and On The Edge: The World Festival of Theatre for Young Audiences. I specialise in theatre, dance, heritage and interactive installation projects.

DOUG WOOTTON Arts Reporter
What do you do? I’m very fortunate to have this role, it’s a totally unique position to give creative projects a voice and encourage people to express themselves through any art form that appeals to them. Ultimately it’s about connecting people – despite all the great communications tools we have at our finger tips, we don’t necessarily connect anymore on a human level or on subjects that matter, than we did before we had this technology. Being from Cannock I’m immensely proud of artistic endeavours in Staffordshire, The Black Country and all the surrounding areas produce. To most people outside of the region we are known for our accents and a few music acts from years gone by. But there is a lot more to us than that and that’s what I’ll be writing about in my blog posts.