‘Desi’ Pubs, (owned by and catering for the regions Asian communities) are melting pots where local ales are served alongside authentic Punjabi curries and grills. Desi Pubs are burgeoning across the Black Country yet the story of these pubs and the communities who prop up their bars is largely untold.

With over forty Desi Pubs in the area, the pubs have redefined British pub culture in the area offering a distinct menu of simple but wholesome Punjabi food.   Local punters who range from old Indian men, modern Asian families, new immigrants, and local White and African Caribbean pub crawlers remain loyal, as the largely Punjabi Sikh run pubs,  incubate a place in common for local people.

The Project
There are three strands to the project; The Broadcast, The Exhibit, The Book.

a) The Broadcast – BBC Radio Series
A radio broadcast commission has been confirmed in partnership with BBC English Regions. BBC will produce a series of three minute short filmsabout the untold stories of the pub.

b) Exhibit – Artistic commissions
Although there are approximately over forty Desi pubs in the BlackCountry, we will focus on ten pubs, five will play host to commissioned art, micro exhibits bespoke to each pub, the other five will become host to live events.

c) Desi Pub Guide
All the elements of the project will be brought together in a beautiful printed publication, a Desi Pub guide. It will bind the recipes, personal stories, photographs of the commissioned art work, portraits, and include an illustrated Desi pub guide map.


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