Do you have memories of your holidays by the British Seaside? Then how about sharing them with Black Country Touring for a new show?

Approximately 50% of British people (circa 30 million) still have a British seaside holiday – it’s a universal and much-loved tradition. As a still popular holiday resort, attracting over 1 million visitors per year, Skegness can tell the story of all seaside towns – from the rise and fall of the promenade and the brass band, to reinventing itself to fight the challenge of the package holiday.

Life’s a Beach is a new show that Black Country Touring will be premiering in July 2017 through a partnership So Festival in Skegness. The show will draw on stories of seasonal visitors and year round residents and will interweave stories of established and recognisable characters; seasonal shop holders, donkey ride keepers and the Lifeboat men. BCT will also tell the stories of the urban visitors – families on caravan holidays, factory worker outings, B&B experiences, stories of seaside trips with memories of golden sands, fish & chips and squealing fairground rides.

It will distill these stories, so that they can fit into three caravans – each one with a different part of the story to illuminate. Each one will be specially adapted and decorated to make special, beautiful and intriguing spaces where small and intimate performances can take place.

BCT are still collecting the stories, both in Skegness and from the diverse communities of the Black Country, so what the final show will be is hard to say at this point… but from what they have heard so far, it could be something like this:

Imagine if you will 3 caravans…

You approach the door of the first caravan and when you open it you find yourself hauled into a lifeboat. You hear stories of the sea, of heroic rescues, the Indian Miss World on your boat… and of tragedy (a long walk up a beach with a lifeless five year old in your arms).

The second shifts you to a Victorian chamber of curiosities, a magical world full of stories to delight and enthrall, a golden age of defrocked vicars eaten by lions, cockles and candy floss.

But the third…the third is as drab and as soulless as your worst B&B, there’s a lost soul, a wash up from a city, an escapee to Shangri-La. But it’s not Shangri-La, it’s a hard world of real lives, braced against the sea, the wind, the rain.

How to get Involved: You can submit your seaside stories and images for the project by following the link below:

The project is supported by Magna Vitae, Creative Black Country & Arts Council England.


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