Nominated Master – Clint Mansell


Mastered: Music
Location: Dudley
Nomination: Peer-nominated

From bouncing around the Civic Hall stage with a unique blend of guitar riffs and samples during the height of the ‘Grebo’ movement of the late 80’s and 90’s, to writing scores for some the biggest Hollywood blockbusters in the last decade; the former frontman of Stourbridge band Pop Will Eat Itself has certainly had a diverse musical career.

When Clint and his bandmates started the ‘Poppies’ little could he have known that his journey would take him to LA as an award-winning writer of film scores.

On meeting director Darren Aronofsky over two decades ago in New York the pair started a working partnership with Clint scoring Darren’s debut film Pi before going on to score Requiem For A Dream. The composition of which, Lux Aeterna, was used in film and teaser trailers while a version was re-orchestrated for a choir and full orchestra on The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

With around 60 scores under his musical belt the composer’s soundtracks can be heard on Oscar-nominated films like Black Swan and The Wrestler, Noah and Stoker with, we hope, plenty more to come.

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