Nominated Master – David Tristram


Mastered: Playwriting
Location: Dudley
Nomination: Peer-nominated

If you live in or around the Black Country then you will have found it hard to miss the infamous Doreen Tipton. The self-confessed ‘lazy cow’ Doreen has become a YouTube sensation thanks to her blunt, direct and brutally honest (if not slight flawed) comedy take on anything from politics to Benefits Street.

The writer behind the character is playwright David Tristram who, along with Cheslyn Hay actress Gill Jordan, bring their dark and hilarious Black Country humour and observations to the character.

As well as YouTube, and Doreen’s own TV Channel, there has been a film ‘Doreen – The Movie’, stage shows and an autobiography with demand for the character keeping David very busy.

“Doreen-mania seems to be sweeping everywhere and it’s great,” commented David at the launch of the film in 2015. “It’s fantastic for the Black Country and people can be proud to hear the Black Country accents and witness the sense of humour on the big screen.”

David is well-versed in screen and playwriting with over 30 years experience and on average, every single night of the year, there are at least two Tristram plays being performed somewhere in the world.

In 2015 David was honoured with the title of the UK’s most popular comedy playwright by the world’s biggest agent and publisher of plays, Samuel French Limited of London and New York, after the company analysed performances of authors across different genres.

Image courtesy of the Express & Star

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