OPEN ACCESS GROUP PROFILE – Housework: The Musical


Let’s make a song and dance about a subject that: Can be a bore, Is often a chore, And is never done…

Jill Norman and Vickie Barbier are two artists with ‘homes, children, and chaos’ who are at the beginning of making a piece of theatre based on the work of the house.

In an interactive workshop with a community group they will gather ideas, stories, and experiences about houses and homes.

“This is an area that affects us all. Peoples’ wellbeing and moods are influenced by the environment they inhabit; particularly the home. Although we seem more connected to the world through technology, are we in fact more isolated? Who are our community? Who – if anyone – do we turn to for support that can help us survive or thrive?”

With all the information they gather they are going to create a song with a professional writer and musician to work on the lyrics and music. This song, created through the community participants input, will be shared with them. It will also be woven into in the future development of “Housework: The Musical”.


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