OPEN ACCESS PROFILE – Sign out loud project by Congens


Cogens aims to promote equality of opportunity to disadvantaged groups and individuals in imaginative and creative ways.

The Wolverhampton based charity delivers a variety of projects and activities that help tackle disadvantage due to age, poor health or low income. They have a small group of volunteers supporting them to work in partnership with other groups for the benefit of the community. Their activities include exercise for frail older people, lessons in basic IT and outings to places of interest for those unable to get out and about without support.

The sign out loud project is all about helping young people develop in confidence whilst promoting awareness of deaf culture. A group of young people will learn how to sign a song in sign language to a current chart hit. They will have 10 weeks to learn the song and then perform it in front of their peers.

Congens has previously worked with deaf people and wants to raise awareness of deaf culture amongst the wider community. Sign language is a very expressive and visually captivating language. As the deaf community is very small, there are many misrepresntations about deaf people and sign language; this project will help address some of these in a small way.

Ian Peddie, sign language tutor said:

“This project will be a fantastic experience for all involved. Very few people see songs being signed, and when they do, they are often captivated by the expressiveness and grace of the signing. I am sure the young people will be amazed by what they have achieved when they learn the songs in sign language and perform them before their friends.”


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