Trade School Dudley


It’s always great to learn a new skill - especially when you can do so for (almost) free.

Trade School, run by Colab Dudley, have put together their winter season of workshops that range from making a paracord bracelet to an Amish knot rug and tote bags to festive table decorations.

But the workshops are not just about upskilling your craft know-how it’s also about life skills and learning techniques for a more mindful and uplifting experience.

With talks on Autism, a guided meditation session with tips on how to relax in everyday life and even ways to save money with the coupon Queen, Laura Carrington, there are workshops to help you gain a whole new set of worthwhile skills.

Trade School is great way of sharing skills and talents. Anyone can teach something they know about, are skilled at, or passionate about. Learners pay for classes with a small barter item (for example some fruit, buttons or a notebook) that the teacher requests.

Each workshop states how the ‘tutor’ would like to be ‘paid’. This can range from a roll of wrapping paper to a jar of coffee or a vinyl record.

The events take place at the Gather Coffee Shop on Dudley High Street. For a list of what they have on offer take a look at their website and get involved.

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