Open Access awards round 2: PR1V4TES

R2. Suki Chumber_PRIV4TES.jpg

Suki Chumber is an Artist from Wolverhampton who has been awarded an Open Access Award to create an photographic exhibition showcasing owners and their private car registrations.

He says: ”In and ever growing car market, where people will pay very high sums for a registration plate, PR1V4TES will explore and reflect photographic works of Asians living in British society and its communities where having a private plate now portrays a symbol of status in society, social identity, religion and faith, hierarchy, ego and class.”

These ideas are very important to Suki who is very interested in how we are becoming more materialistic and ask the questions: ‘Why is this important?’

“By having a private car plate do we become more British or something? Or are we just trying too hard to fit in? Is this a British thing? I hope the outcomes will be exciting and an eye opener.” He says.

Suki is hoping to get lots of people involved in the project taking pictures of people with their prized cars. “I will be making huge links with the Asian community and making contact first hand with those people from multi cultural backgrounds and communities in Wolverhampton. Arts is one area that Asian communities don’t really encourage and participate in and I would like to open peoples minds on how amazing the Arts is and for them to get involved in this exciting project.”

If you would like to be included in the project and are a car owner with a private plate then please call Suki on 07838 253 482.