Open Access: Thimblemill Fun Palaces Festival


About the Project

Thimblemill Library will be a Fun Palace for a day of arts and science activities with music, theatre, arts and sciences all under one roof on Sunday 7th October.

The Friends of the Library are volunteers who support a wide range of events and activities in the Library both during and outside library opening hours.

“We work with Thimblemill Library staff to help make the library a warm and welcoming place for our local community. We have commissioned Femtinos to lead a day of workshops, games, learning trails and activities about Healthy eating and Digestion; about Sounds and Innovations; and about Electricity.”

Theatre company ‘Told by an Idiot’ will also be popping in with a Build Your Brain workshop and two Science of Slapstick performances.

Syeda Shah, Creative Director at Femtinos, said: “Our team is really excited about being part of the Fun Palace at Thimblemill Library. We hope this will be the first of many fun-filled arts and science collaborations with the Friends of the Library.”

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