Open Access awards round 2 - Gatis Community Space

Gardening club courtesy of Gatis

Gardening club courtesy of Gatis

About the project

Gatis Community Space provides a safe hub for the local community to gather, connect and grow. Exploring the history of the site and the area, they will be creating digital and recycled artwork with the community, to share in their loverthereans lantern parade.

Gatis are committed to supporting a wide range of healthy and creative activities at its centre in the heart of Whitmore Reans such as the The Real Junk Food Project Café and Surplus Food Market (recycling and distributing surplus food from supermarkets); Wrong Sides Together (sewing, clothes upcycling and clothes swap); and many other regular groups and creative activities in particular with a focus on nature, art, play and food.

What they will do with their award:

“We will be exploring the history of the Gatis site as a Rayon Factory, a play site, the history of the Whitmore Reans flower parade, and other emerging themes, through archival research and oral history, getting a first hand insight from the local community. 

In visits to Wolverhampton City Archives, volunteers will look at maps, photographs and other materials, to get a sense of the space, its uses, and the wider community over time. Gathering material, reminiscences and memories from the local community, we will work with local artists to explore these themes using recycled materials, film, and photography, carrying out workshops with community members. This work will provide a theme for the lovethereans lantern parade, a highlight of the year for the community.”

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