Art Installation commission with Places of Welcome

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Places of Welcome is a network of grassroots community and faith groups offering welcome, hospitality and friendship. November 2019 marks the 5th anniversary of the launch of Places of Welcome which started in Birmingham and has grown both in Birmingham and now around the country.

Thrive Together Birmingham coordinates Places of Welcome in Birmingham and Sandwell and they are keen to celebrate all that is going on in local neighbourhoods around the city with groups who are building community and offering friendship.

They are currently planning a activities to coincide with the 5th anniversary and are exploring possibilities for celebration activities at each POW and then a bigger celebration event for all to attend.

For the main celebration event they would like to develop a collective art installation that:
- Involves all the Places of Welcome across Birmingham and Sandwell – around 75 groups
- Celebrates welcome and hospitality and the value of community and relationships

Art Installation spec:

To deliver a collective visual art installation that would involve different pieces of the installation being made in each Place of Welcome by some of its participants and then brought all together to create one collective piece of art work to be launched at the celebration event.

Artists are invited to submit their idea for the project whilst considering the following guidelines:
- Share an idea that can be easily assembled into a pack and distributed to all POW groups to make themselves with members, including clear instructions on use.
- Create the artwork pack, considering easy assembling/dismantling, safety and durability
- Uses quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and have exceptional production values
- Integrates, or has the potential to integrate different textures
- Is safe, strong and durable for the purpose of keeping at each setting
- Create an interactive collective artwork that people can understand and inspired by

Timeline: Oct 2019 – late Feb/early March 2020.

Total commission value: £3,000 - including all fees, materials, fabrication and installation as required (10 days work at £300 including materials)

For more information you can download the info here.

*Please note that CBC is not directly involved in this commission but is sharing the opportunity for more info please see the PDF download at the link above