Open Access: Goscote Greenacres

Goscote Greenacres Community Garden brings people together through gardening. The project aims to engage the local community and adults with learning disabilities and their award will help them create a willow tunnel and scarecrows around the garden.

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Open AccessKerry O'Coy
Buy the Desi Pub Catalogue here

The new Desi Pub Catalogue has arrived and we’re offering a small number for a price of £5.

The catalogue features stories and archive images from the Desi Pub landlords about their lives and journey to the Black Country as well as images of the commissioned artworks and the Desi Pub project that has been running since 2016.

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Desi Pubs, NewsKerry O'Coy
Back in 10

A new set of performances ‘Back in 10’, produced by Black Country Touring, will be taking place during Black Country Living Museum’s Summer Evenings this month using the museum’s famous shops as a backdrop.

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Girl Gaze Jennifer Pattison

Jennifer Pattison’s interest in magical worlds finds expression in the rich traditions of the Punjabi lori. Her fine art photographs, titled Rice Pudding Moon & The River of Dreams, are inspired by songs that sing of a mother’s love and of a land of dreams. The artist is interested in how lullabies are passed down the generations from grandmother to daughter to grandchild.

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Girl Gaze Jocelyn Allen

Jocelyn Allen’s You Will Live in This World as A Daughter is a series of playful portraits of girls and young women that explores what it is to be born a daughter of the Punjab. Behind her playful portrayals is a meaningful enquiry into their visibility within traditionally patriarchal communities.

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